Oversize Transports Services


Authorisations and Permits

There are more than 8.000 public and private authorities in Italy in charge of the entire road and infrastructure network. After a thorough examination of your oversized load and itinerary, our team will contact the authorities in your name and apply for the specific permits that may be required – single, multiple or permanent.

We collect and handle the documentation required at each step by all authorities and advise on the most appropriate route for any out of size cargo including over 600.000 kg.

We also take care of liaising with the companies that manage railway networks and level crossings. We perform our tasks with dedication, know-how and top-class quality service, in order to obtain permission to:

  • Remove roadworks as well as fixed or mobile obstacles
  • Use alternative routes in case the authorized transit is unviable
  • Bypass ministerial driving ban
  • Drive against the direction of travel
  • Close road sections
  • Use private or public areas for loading/unloading operations
  • Release vehicles blocked by the authorities


We are able to offer every kind of escort required by the authorities on the whole Italian territory:

  • Technical Escorts: carried out by qualified personnel and authorized vehicles in accordance with art. 12, paragraph 3-bis of the new Road Traffic Code and in accordance with the Ministerial Decree of July 18, 1997 and subsequent changes.

  • Police Escorts: required anytime escorts should be carried out by traffic police personnel and authorized vehicles in accordance with the new Road Traffic Code.

  • Technical Assistance: required anytime an organization and/or authority managing the infrastructure demand escorts to be performed by their personnel and vehicles.

Verifications and Compliance Checks

Our experienced team ensure full compliance with regulatory guidelines and instructions and, where necessary, will:

  • Undertake the most appropriate technical checks and feasibility studies on the route specification and conditions, including roundabouts curve radius, crossroads and critical transits;

  • Perform static analysis of bridges and infrastructure, in accordance with the rules and requirements of the organizations and authorities in charge of the roads included in the transit;

  • Make sure all mobile and fixed obstacles along the route are removed or avoided;

  • Inspect route and/or specific infrastructures to assess viability.