About Us

We create smart ways to move, pay, care, helping our customers and partners to make their businesses efficient and sustainable

We aim for leadership and believe in the power of independence

We pursue value creation and personal growth for all our stakeholders, employees, customers and suppliers

We are a leading provider of payment and supply solutions supporting the movement of freight vehicles across Europe

Our vision and mission inspire our people throughout our network of operating and commercial centres, each being capable of responding to the needs of Transporters and Freight Forwarders across Europe. An organisation that demands complete customer satisfaction, 24/7.

Expertise in each local market, professional competence and experience blended with state of the art technology in all areas allow 360 to establish flexible and direct commercial relations and to provide comprehensive solutions always in line with the client’s expectations.

Outstanding product offering and customer experience

Our leadership comes from the value creation powered by outstanding product offering and customer experience and long term relationships with our suppliers.

We are able to deliver this because we strive to act as our customers’ and partners’ trusted advisor,  understand their needs and strategy and support them achieving their objectives. 

We believe in commitment, trust and loyalty

We take up challenges together

We explore opportunities

We are curious for innovation

We learn from each other


Companies forming the Group

Companies forming the Group


Countries served

Countries served


Suppliers and partners

Suppliers and partners




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305 k



34 mln



1.2 *bln €

Value of Transactions

Value of Transactions
* proforma 2023

A single organisation for all needs

A unique and comprehensive partner for European Hauliers and Forwarders.

Know-how and professionalism

A unique and comprehensive partner for European Hauliers and Forwarders.

Economic advantage

Competitive rates and conditions allow clients to save time and money.

Advanced technology

Integrated IT platforms
Reliable and efficient technology
Digital solutions

Proven reliability and experience

Guaranteed by over 40 years of experience and proven by the long-standing loyalty of over 15,000 customers in Europe.

Our Milestones

We bring more than 40 years of experience

Our Milestones

Trans Ferry Spa

Created by the group founding shareholders, Trans Ferry was born in 1980 as agent of cross channel ferry operators Townsend Thoresen and Sealink, Trans Ferry has since entered into partnerships with major ferry companies in Europe, yet retaining a special focus on routes between the UK and mainland Europe as well as trades in the Mediterranean.

Yes Money SA

The first prepaid Visa dedicated to the haulage industry was launched at the 2005 Transport and Logistic in Munich by our Yes Money Spa (authorised and regulated by the Bank of Italy),  followed in 2008 by Yes Money SA, member of the Self-Regulatory Organisation OAD Fiduciari Suisse.

Trans Modal Srl

Since 2010, Trans Modal develop business relationships with major Ferroutage, Rolling Highway and intermodal players, combining railway and multimodal operations with the aim to make them accessible to its customers, thus contributing to build long term sustainability of transportation in Europe.

Plose Sistem Service Spa

Since its creation in 1985, Plose has been at the forefront in the development of European tolling solutions and technologies for heavy vehicles and in the recovery of foreign VAT. The Plose group of companies also encompasses Plose ATE (offering assistance for oversize transports) and Plose Hungaria (the specialist in Hungary for VAT recovery), and has represented the first M&A transaction of the group in 2008.

Plose Ate Srl

For over 30 years Plose ate has been supporting international hauliers in performing out of size transports, obtaining various permits and authorisations and arranging escorts often required on the Italian territory. Its experienced team has gained the confidence of clients throughout Europe thanks to outstanding service, full compliance with guidelines and continued commitment.

Plose Hungaria Kft

Established in 1997, Plose Hungaria assists Hungary-based transporters in the recovery of VAT and excise duties paid pan Europe.

Victor Treacy International Limited

Created in the early 1970s’, Victor Treacy International (VTI) is the leading freight ferry agent in Ireland. After a successful 15-year commercial partnership with Trans Ferry, its shareholding was gradually acquired by the group and VTI became 100% part of 360Pay in 2020.

Burger Ferry Agency BV

Established in the 70’s by the Royal Burger Group, Burger Ferry Agency BV (BFA) is the independent ferry specialist preferred by over 1,000 customers in the Netherlands and Nordic countries, with a special focus on North Sea, English Channel and Baltic routes. BFA was acquired in 2019.

Verag 360 GmbH

The fuel card, tolling and tax refund division of Verag Spedition GmbH (Verag) has been acquired in 2021 in the first merger-like transaction completed by the group. Verag’s previous owners, the Luxbauer family, is in fact acquiring stakes of 360Pay. Since the start of its successful partnership with IDS in the early 2000s’, Verag offer tailored and seamless solutions combining tolls payment, fuel card management and tax refund services.

Verenigd InklaringsBureau (VIB) NV

Independent ferry agent and custom clearance broker with over 40 years experience, Verenigd InklaringsBureau NV (VIB) joined 360PS in 2019, together with BFA. Following Brexit implementation on 1 January 2021, VIB team has been focused on coordinating custom clearance services offered to group customers traveling to and from the UK. VIB was acquired by the Burger group in 2013 and became part of 360Pay in 2019, together with BFA.

360 Welfare Srl

360 Welfare is the new all-Italian player in the field of corporate welfare services, born from the merger of Yes Ticket Srl into BluBe Srl. With particular focus on meal vouchers, 360 Welfare is equipped to compete with the leading international players active in Italy.

  • Since 2019, Yes Ticket Srl offers innovative digital solutions for meal vouchers and corporate welfare, driven by its excellent customer experience, employee well-being, and merchant satisfaction.
  • BluBe Srl, formerly a voucher division of CirFood, was acquired by 360Pay in 2021 as part of its journey to become a leading provider of corporate welfare services in Italy.