Welfare & Incentives


Our range of products and services can be combined to create tailored solutions aimed at allowing customers to enhance their staff remuneration, maximising tax efficiency and supporting incentive schemes and motivational plans.

Meal Vouchers

Meal Vouchers are the most popular and widely utilised welfare prosuct: totally deductible for corporate clients, and tax-free for users up to €8 per day (for Electronic Meal Voucher – ‘EMV’). Our innovative platform allows combination of meal vouchers with the ‘widespread canteen’ concept (so called “Mensa Diffusa” in Italy), with flexible and customisable rules.

Gift Vouchers

Our Gift Vouchers represent the ideal fringe benefit for corporate use, available for employees, customers, and any corporate partner: fully deductible (up to 000 euros …. ) for corporate clients and with the widest, purpose-built acceptance network, can be used for incentives, loyalty programs, promotional campaigns, Xmas gifts and much more.

Welfare Plans

In association with selected partners we can also offer comprehensive welfare plans, custom built around our clients’ needs and their incentive schemes. Through our integrated platform and programs, our clients can enhance staff well-being and bring their private life benefits to fit with their professional achievements.