Vat & Excise Duties Refund


Vat Refund

To help clients avoid unnecessary paperwork or administration, we offer a global administrative assistance for the recovery of excise duties and foreign VAT paid on tolls, fuel purchases as well as many other business expenses.

We pride ourselves on our communication with customers – you have all the insight and transparency you would expect from having your own in-house tax team. Our experience and expertise significantly increase the success rate of your VAT claims.

We offer different options:   

  • Standard: VAT is paid upon reimbursement from the relevant fiscal authorities

  • NOVI: only applicable to our supply invoices, whereby the VAT amount is not asked for payment

  • Anticipated: applied to our as well as third party invoices, whereby the VAT amounts are credited to customers after 10 days of completion of the documentation

Excise Duties Refund

Transport companies purchasing fuel in Belgium, France, Italy, Slovenia, Spain and Hungary have the right to obtain the reimbursement of the related excise duties, submitting special applications to the customs administration of each country who often have different requirements - here are just some examples:

  • Reimbursement is generally permitted for fuel purchased by vehicles of at least 7.5 tons in total weight and that are registered in a EU member state; vehicle number plate must be shown on the related invoices; 

  • Reimbursement is only valid for payments made with fuel cards or credit or bank cards (NOT cash);

  • Deadlines for submitting the applications can vary from one month to 3 years from each invoice date, depending on the country.

Fiscal Representation

Transport companies registered outside the EU can ask the reimbursement of VAT paid on certain expenses (such as tolls and fuel purchases) by appointing a fiscal representative in the relevant countries.

We act as tax representative and represent our customers before several European tax authorities for the preparation, control and filing of VAT and Intrastat declarations.