Fleet Management



360Pay has partnered with KMaster to provide state-of-the-art telematic tools: technologies that empower effective and real-time fleet management, multifunction on-board devices and an integrated platform enabling analysis and control over all vehicle expenses.

KMaster is a multifunction and constantly evolving platform, built on advanced, intuitive and easy-to-use digital solutions and real-time data flow, meeting any organizational and logistic needs:

  • Live map and traffic information 
  • Real-time geolocation - track & trace;
  • Route planning 
  • Monitor and plan driving times and rest hours;
  • Identify strategic locations as Points Of Interest;
  • Remote tachograph data download, storage and analysis;
  • Communicate with drivers via the KMaster App;
  • Monitor refuelling and consumption, to detect any irregular fuel consumption;
  • Set alarms (to monitor vehicle’s status, driving behaviour, infringements and much more)

Optimise costs and productivity

KMaster can help control and optimise costs such as fuel consumption and vehicle’s maintenance, as well as reduce idling time and improve drivers performance: a unique opportunity to boost productivity.

Enhance communication between Drivers and Dispatchers

Communication with drivers has never been easier: dispatchers and traffic managers can easily exchange messages, share data, reports, documents and daily planning with drivers via the KMaster App; thus eliminating paperwork, improving productivity and safety.

Data mining and analysis via CAN-BUS and API

The Connected option offers additional features thanks to the direct interconnection with tachograph and a wide set of detectors via the CAN-BUS; all data and information flow smoothly to the platform and can also be made available to customers ERPs with through API interface.

Integration with European Tolling

KMaster is integrated with many toll payment services, with all DCRC and satellite technologies and functionalities embedded in a single on-board equipment. The device is easy to use and intuitive, and platform tools enable fleet managers to effectively estimate costs and duration of the journey.