Prepaid Cards

Exclusive benefits

We offer exclusive agreements with a network of experienced professionals to give clients and cardholders privileged access to services tailored to the transport industry.

It’s a unique opportunity to save time and expenses linked to the solution of emergency situations such as fines and breakdowns.

Breakdown assistance

Full road assistance throughout Europe, for trucks and buses. Breakdown intervention is provided 365 days a year, 24hrs a day. You can access this service free from standard service fees.

Legal assistance

Timely and effective legal assistance and representation for transport-related issues, such as fines, insurance and damage claims. This service is provided by an international team specialised in assisting European transport operators - the aim is reducing hassle for you, and maximising the chance of a positive outcome.

Fuel purchases

You can take advantage of special promotions with reduced Fuel/Diesel prices when using your card. The network of associated outlets is always expanding in association with Plose, our fuel card specialist.