01 December 2023

With Fitalog and Transale, 360PAY hits €1bn

360 Payment Solutions Spa announces the achievement of a more than just symbolic stepstone, also thanks to two strategic acquisitions.

First, Fitalog Service has agreed to join forces with 360Pay. A leading provider of services to the haulage industry with over 30 years of legacy primarily built on qualified support for toll payment, Fitalog is headquartered in Rome and services some 3500 active customers with more than 35.000 travelling devices, producing a turnover of €240m.

Earlier in the year, 360Pay also completed the acquisition of Catania-based Transale, specialised on short-sea ferry shipments on the Messina Strait.

With the contribution of both Fitalog and Transale, in November our group has passed the milestone of one billion euros in volume of transactions. A stepstone which is more than symbolic in the path to sustainable growth.

In December, Fitalog and Transale have been incorporated into Plose and Trans Ferry, respectively, thus setting the basis for an integration that will bring significant synergies and enhance customer experience through new platform services.